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Saphire: YO! People welcome to another Truth or Dare show!
*the Spyro cast scream and the other casts look at them confused*
Danny: whats their problem?
Spyro: you don't wanna know
Saphire: yea well this is a show where the readers review and ask truths or have some of the characters that they like/dislike do some embarrassing dares
Vlad: that doesn't sound bad
Malefor: no its a hundred times worse
Hichigo: BAH! Who cares?
Saphire: yea well I gonna let u know who I'm having as my co-hosts, from the cartoon Danny Phantom we have Danny, Clockwork, and Dan *Dan cheers, Danny smiles, and Clockwork still being passive as ever* from the anime of Bleach we have Ichigo, and Hichigo *Hichigo cackles insanely and Ichigo just facepalms* from the world of Spyro both old and new Cynder, and Spyro *both just stare at me in shock* and that'll be it, for now but I do have a few dares of my own but their for the baddies I hate
Danny: o man I wanna see this
Saphire: ok Freakshow will have to swim in this *points to a pool of oil slicked acid*
Freakshow: *does his dare and dies*
Saphire: ok now Aizen will have to jump into that pit *points to said pit* and Malefor will just go into the penalty box *lightning strikes and hits Pariah* until next chapter
*both do their dares and Aizen dies*
Saphire: well thats it for now BYE!


Wolf of souls!!
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United States
I just wanna draw! But i like to think up and type stories and a lot are made with my friends.

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